The Science of Plastics ; How Weed Baggy Will Save Your Marijuana

The science of plastics…  I’m gonna keep this real short and sweet…  since I know you’re all stoned and couldn’t really care less…

The following table shows you ‘Permeability Coefficients’ for various plastics.  Basically, all that means is, how much gas or humidity will pass thru any given area of that plastic.

Weed Baggy - Permeability of Plastics
Weed Baggy – Permeability of Plastics

*   –  Plastic used to make sandwich storage bags found in your grocery store
**  –  Plastic used in making Weed Baggy storage bags

Now, all storage bags found in your grocery store that you are now using to store your marijuana in are made out of low density polyethylene… or, as you see on all recycling, LDPE.

There’s another common food storage plastic found in grocery stores that you commonly know as Saran Wrap… this plastic is polyvinylidene chloride, or PVDC. This is what Weed Baggy’s are made out of… more expensive… but very important when dealing with marijuana storage!

If you compare the permeability of oxygen and gases thru these two plastics, you’ll see that gases pass thru LDPE 440 times more than PVDC (2.2 divided by 0.005)… This means 440 times more smell is getting thru your grocery store sandwich bag than a Weed Baggy.  Also means that 440 times more oxygen is getting into your bag to degrade your weed.

You’ll also see that 136 times more humidity (68 divided by 0.5) is getting into your weed thru your sandwich bag, which is also degrading your stash.