Problems With Classic Sandwich Bags

The degradation of THC

To summarize, temperature, humidity, airflow, and light are the four major factors that influence the degradation of cannabis. All four variables represent a spectrum that harvested cannabis flowers teeter on. Controlling these variables and maintaining their proper levels can significantly prolong the shelf life of your cannabis flowers by limiting exposure to the processes that influence the degradation of not only the floral clusters themselves, but the cannabinoids and terpenoids contained within them.

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The science of plastics

If you compare the permeability of oxygen and gases thru these two plastics, you’ll see that gases pass thru LDPE 440 times more than PVDC (2.2 divided by 0.005)… This means 440 times more smell is getting thru your grocery store sandwich bag than a Weed Baggy.  Also means that 440 times more oxygen is getting into your bag to degrade your weed.

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Introducing, the Weed Baggy

So, if you’ve made it this far down the page, you probably understand that, more than just the leaky smell problem with sandwich baggies, the grocery store sandwich bags have several other drawbacks also… among them are they are too permeable, allowing oxygen and humidity into your marijuana. They are also clear, allowing light to enter.  All of these things severally degrade the quality of your marijuana.

The Weed Baggy was developed to counter all of these issues.  First, they are made of polyvinylidene chloride, aka Saran Wrap, rather than LDPE, as grocery store sandwich bags are made of.  This lowers the levels of smells and oxygen passing thru the bag by a factor of 440! It also lowers the amount of humidity reaching your marijuana by a factor of 136.  And with our special coating, light and sun cannot enter the bad rapidly degrading you pot.

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Stock up on weed baggys now

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